Hunkered down and bored out of our minds, Americans have avoided insanity by learning something. . . old. A mix of youtube tutorials and calls to grandparents have demystified the ancient ways of self-sufficiency and spurred an artisanal revolution across the country. Sourdough starters, gardens, wooden crafts, and crocheted scarves adorn Instagram and Etsy pages of those eager to show off their newest projects, but is this a fleeting trend, or will quarantine hobbies spur a small business revolution?

Evidence of this emerging economy may be most prevalent in the shortening of our food supply chains. Overwhelmed CSAs, gardening stores…

Perhaps the biggest problem looming in farming and ranching is the average age of the American farmer is steadily creeping toward 60. This aging population, combined with youth flight from their rural homes, and sky-high barriers to entry have our farm economy careening toward feudalism. If current trends continue, Big Ag will join the Big Banks as too big to fail. …

Cody Atkinson

Food & Farm Systems Opinion Haver. BA in Economics & Psychology and an MPA. Farmer's son, former bison ranch manager.

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